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Belmont Chapel – Island Cemetary

Belmont Chapel – Island Cemetary

BelmontThere is  a movement underway in Newport, Rhode Island to restore the Belmont Chapel located at the Island Cemetery off Farewell Street. After suffering from years of neglect and vandalism, a group of Newporters got together and formed the Belmont Chapel Foundation whose goal is to restore the chapel as a community asset and in keeping with the original intent of the chapel.

Belmont Chapel was built in 1886 by Mr. & Mrs. August Belmont, Sr to honor their daughter Jane Pauline Belmont who lived a short and pained life. The architect was George C Mason, a noted Newport architect and built by William Gosling. With the exception of the roof and staff heads holding the windows in place, no wood is used in the construction of the chapel. The chapel abuts Belmont Circle which contains the remains of the Belmont family. I recently had the opportunity to visit the chapel when the cemetery had an open house and I could not wait to go in it. I have walked by it for years and two years ago you could not see the chapel as it was completely covered by vegetation.


If you would like to read more about the Belmont Chapel or perhaps even donate to their efforts you can visit their website at Belmont Chapel Foundation .

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