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Newport And Hurricane Sandy

Newport And Hurricane Sandy

The storm has passed and Newport is getting back to normal. Fortunately the damage in Newport, while significant was not as bad as some other areas of the northeast. Parts of Newport’s famed Cliff Walk were washed away and the walk is closed from Ruggles Avenue on down to the end. The City of Newport is looking along with the State on ways to repair this damage. The scenic Ocean Drive also suffered some damage and this too will be repaired. Teh Rotunda at Easton’s Beach also received a great deal of damage resulting in the small aquaium there closing for the time being. They were able to save all their fish and have placed them in the care of the Mystic Marine Life Aquarium.

Here at the Spring Seasons Inn we had no damage and only lost power for about two and a half hours so we were lucky. We are open for business and there is always something going on here in Newport. We are open year round so come and plan your stay in Newport with us.

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