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Prescott Farm – where Past Meets Present

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Prescott Farm – where Past Meets Present

May 17th, 2012 by billfarrell

Learn how an 1812 Windmill works. Discover interesting facts about the Revolutionary War.  Explore the flower and herb gardens managed by Master Gardeners. See the ducks and geese. Snack on 18th century treats. Enjoy period games. At Prescott Farm, there is something for everyone. Prescott Farm is owned and managed by the Newport Restoration Foundation. The NRF manages period homes in Newport in addition to thier crown jewels, Doris Duke’s home, Rough Point and the Whitehorne Museum. The Newport Restoration Foundation’s web site is

Fancy A Cuppa?

May 13th, 2012 by billfarrell

Fancy A Cuppa? is an online website that was started by Simon Duffin, an afternoon tea drinker and his partner, Anita Volkert, a late comer to tea but who nevertheless loves it. This online version of their book presents both sides of the world’s passions, Tea and Coffee. Simon and Anita have travelled the world searching out their favorite places to indulge in their passion, whether it be tea or coffee.

While doing their research for the book, Simon and Anita both felt it was important to interview either the owners or managers of the tea rooms and coffee houses they visited to give an honest appraisal of the places they visited. Fancy A Cuppa, USA? features only the United States tea and coffee houses they’ve visited while Fancy A Cuppa? the original version of the book review more than 50 places in the United Kingdom. Either book can be ordered from their website at the end of this article. Simon and Anita feel their book is as much about the owners and managers who own and run the tea rooms and coffee houses as it is about the tea and coffee! These are the people who help determine whether the experience you have is a pleasurable one or one you won’t return to.

You can see the online version of the book here and you can also order your very own copy. While the web site is excellent, I’d rather have my own personal copy of the book. Order one now, you won’t be sorry.

Fancy A Cuppa? web site.

Touro Synagogue – Loeb Visitors Center

May 13th, 2012 by billfarrell

Touro Synagogue Congregation was founded in 1658 by Jews fleeing the inquisition and has since become a symbol of religious freedom for all Americans. The current synagogue was designed by Peter Harrison, a well know Newport architect at the time. Dedicated in 1763, it is considered one of the most architecturally distinguished buildings of 18th century America. George Washington addressed religious freedom in his 1790 letter to the congregation by declaring, “To the Hebrew Congregation in Newport” that the new nation “gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance.” The Synagogue was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1946.

The Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr. Visitors Center has been open several years now and is housed in a brand-new, period style stone building. Ambassador John L Loeb, Jr. welcomes you in his personal message:

I am John L. Loeb Jr. and I’d like to welcome you to the Loeb Visitors Center at the Touro Synagogue. The Touro Synagogue is an American treasure, the oldest active synagogue in the United States. I am a descendent of the Touro family, so it holds great personal significance for me.

This Synagogue and its early congregation are considered icons of American religious freedom because of the important letter that George Washington sent to the Hebrew Congregation at Newport in 1790. That letter directly affirmed the principle of religious liberty based on the separation of church and state that is guaranteed to every one of us through the Bill of Rights. The building stands as a physical manifestation and reminder of the event and of the concepts embodied in the letter.

Both this website and the exhibits planned for the Visitors Center tell the story of this historical landmark, its architectural beauty and its symbolic role in the development of American Democracy.

While our new Visitors Center space is being constructed, I invite you to spend some time exploring these web pages and then come visit us in Newport, Rhode Island.

Ambassador John L. Loeb, Jr.

The Visitors Center has been open several years now, Ambassador Loeb’s message welcomes you to visit.  Having toured the Center and the Synagogue many times, Susan and I can assure you you won’t be disappointed. Only a minutes walk from The Spring Seasons Inn. You can see their web site at Touro Synagogue. Close their page to come back to the Spring Seasons Inn.

Tours for Curious People opens in Newport, Rhode Island

May 2nd, 2012 by billfarrell

Tour for Curious People has recently opened in Newport, Rhode Island and it is a must do while visiting Newport. Started by Carol Miller, a native Newporter whose family has a long history in Newport. Carol takes her clients on a tour of the Point district of Newport, an area rich in history that goes back several hundred years. Carol is a very knowledgeable and personable tour guide who not only shares her extensive of knowledge of Newport but is also known to pull period antiques out of her pocket to supplement an interesting point that she is sharing with you. Having met Carol, Susan and I can attest to her enthusiasm and knowledge of Newport and can assure you, you won’t be disappointed or bored on this tour. Carol has a website that gives some general information that you may find useful at Close this window to return to the Spring Seasons Inn.

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